Performance Reviews

“The sweet, adoring but sturdy Tansy gets a charming, nicely three-dimensional portrayal by Cundiff.”

-Dany Margolies, The Daily Breeze

“Cundiff’s gorgeous soprano invests emotion in every syllable.”

-Megan Powell, Time Out Chicago

“Vocally, Kellie Cundiff is the secret weapon of the show, singing Mabel’s fluttering, hiccuping lines with operatic ease.”

-Michael Eck, Times Union

“Rarely has a soprano voice been used as a weapon of seduction as skillfully as Kellie Cundiff’s radiant Mabel uses her astonishing voice to make it abundantly clear to her sibling rivals for the affections of the strapping young Frederic.”

-Jeffrey Borak, Berkshire Eagle

“Kellie Cundiff, as Fabrizio’s unhappy sister-in-law, gives her song 'The Joy You Feel,' about the pitfalls of love, just the right mix of humor and bite."

-Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinal

“Much of the show has to do with the talented cast... with the pristine vocals of leading ladies Carol Rose, Kellie Cundiff, and Brittany Stock... featuring the three stars’ exquisite, unadorned vocals... endearing presence... And their tone, timbre and vibrato so complement each other, you’d think they’d been singing together all their lives.”

-Barbara Vitello, Chicago Daily Herald

“Jordan Phelps and Kellie Cundiff are equally combustible in the bitter sweet ‘Love Song.’ A gorgeous showcase for indisputable talents...”

-Lawrence Bommer, Stage and Cinema

“Kellie Cundiff, a gifted young soprano, with the beauty and talent of a young Laura Benanti, makes ‘Stay Well,’ from Lost in the Stars, quietly soar.”

-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review